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Change Equals Growth

You may feel hostile or irritated or weepy and hysterical, or you may feel depressed. You may feel isolated and worry all the time? Maybe you are unable to truly express your feelings and worries. You have continuous uncontrollable negative thinking. You stopped going out because the anxiety and panic attacks could happen at any time. When we feel like that, we usually try to ‘diagnose’ or find the ‘title’ for those out of ordinary state. That ends up being any hormonal changes or mental state that we heard of. You believe that you suffering from negativity, self-doubt, anxiety and worry and that your mind will sabotage any goals you have in life.

It would never occur to us, unless we read in the books or hear explanation from somebody, that we were in fact in the process of change!

We are becoming more than before.

We are becoming larger than before.

As we are all energy, we feel energy!

Any change of energy in physical body, or mind, or spirit will reflect as emotional change or physical sign or symptom.

Our soul is pure energy, energy of our body and our mind.

Our soul is growing and receiving new wisdom and knowledge.

We grow but we do not recognize that we are in the period of growth.

What is most uncomfortable is not knowing what is happening. Those lengthy periods when something inside yourself seems to be waiting, pausing its breath, unsure about what the next step should be. At that time, when we wait and pause, we understand that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and new layer of our personality to be revealed.

When we grow it feels like new flower coming out from the seed very slowly, uncertainly, and almost painfully.

That is, you that kept promises to yourself…

The you that waters the plants that are important to you and pulls the weeds that draw energy away from those plants…

The you that doesn’t let anything get in your way.

I've witnessed so many times when friends and clients allow themselves space and quiet, allow the break and rest, and they grow.

New ideas start rushing in, motivation is at the top, decisions are made easier, everything looks clearer and simpler.

So, as I have held space for many people you would think I could recognize when I am in the middle of it? No, not really...

In the past weeks it has been a huge shift for me... and I hope it does for you. New ‘light bulb’ moments happened, I finally got answers on questions I have been asking Universe for some time, and I am feeling more at ease with my work and purpose.

For anybody feeling ‘funny’ recently like me – do not worry! You’re growing!

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