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Super Health Food

Services and Offerings

Naturopathic Packages with increased value, nutritional guidance, herbal medicine, and ongoing motivational support. Weather you starting on your health journey, need a long term support for chronic conditions, acute support or just wellbeing check-up, there is a option for you. Patience and commitment, together with naturopathic care will allow you to achieve your health goals and vitality.

What to Expect

I am here to help you feel more energetic, healthier, happier, more confident and in control of your life. I don’t believe that what works for one person should work for everyone. ‘Healthy’ means doing the best you can. Looking after your wellbeing could be really simple and stress free and I am here to support You!


To achieve long lasting results and meet your goals I would like to see you for up to 6 appointments, 2 or 3 weekly over 3 months.  The number of sessions required will depend on individual case. Once you are empowered with the knowledge and tools you can continue to support your own health and happiness long-term.


Your fee covers the time with you during consultation as well as time I spend researching the latest scientific evidence to uncover underlying cause of your issue and support your goals, refining information, recipes and guidance for your at home use, considering and interpreting blood and functional testing, preparing and writing your wellness plan.

What I can help with

Kids Clinic

Nutrition, fussy eating

Allergies & intolerances

Boosting immunity

Skin conditions

Asthma management

Anxiety, depression

ADHD, Autism

Adults Clinic

Stress Management & Support

Fatigue, Sleep disorders

Immunity & Acute Conditions

Allergies & intolerance's

Digestive Issues (bloating, gas, reflux, candida)

Anxiety, Depression



Please bring or email me a list of any medication and supplements that you are taking. Any blood test results (in the last 12 months) or any test results that relate to your condition.

All my services are available in person and on line via Zoom.


Lets get to know each other first and see how I can help You!
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