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Homeostasis in body, mind and spirit

One of my past careers was in chemistry and environmental science. I learnt that water as a chemical matter can exist in three phases of condensation, vapor, liquid, or ice. When ice is melted at zero degree Celsius it transforms into water liquid. Water can be transformed on hundred degrees Celsius into water vapour.

I see three phases of water as analogy to our human existence. We are body, mind, and spirit united together as human being. We are all energy, consciousness that supports our body, mind, emotions and spirituality. Like water transforms from ice to liquid, or liquid to vapor depending of the temperature, our life energies emotional, spiritual, physical and mental are interlinked, affect one another, or transform from one to other.

If life events or different environmental issues influence aspects of our emotional life it may result in negative change of our mind. If we fail to correct and balance those changes, they will show up as negative imbalances in our body, and over time in our spirit. You probably heard that prolonged repressed emotions and negative thinking can show up as disease in physical body.

As a naturopath I learnt that the body is a very complex system of organised intelligence that interacts with your emotional and mental states in order to achieve a homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the balance, optimal state that our bodies want to be at all times for survival.

For example, if you are living in the environment where you are constantly exposed to fear, danger, guilt or stress your mind will activate so cold flight or fight response that over time become chronic stress response. As a result, your mind will be sending constantly signals to your brain that you are in danger. Those signals will affect your body as production of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline is increased creating chemical imbalances in the body. Chemical imbalances cause activation of immune system, leading to increased inflammation in the body and the gut, causing reduced communication between gut and brain. Impaired gut brain connection triggering mental health issues, like anxiety, depression, etc. Increased inflammation in the body can cause development of other chronic diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, cancers, arthritis.

You can see the pattern - imbalances in your body are caused from deeper imbalances in your emotions and mind. If you are holding on unexpressed feelings, resentment, anger, grievance from the past it is recommended to get a help and access and resolve those negative feelings before they affect your mind and body.

Those negative, unexpressed feelings blocking your vital force and preventing body to balance and achieve homeostasis.

Make a decision to forgive and be in peace with past life events by quieting your mind and accessing your subconsciousness to remove the negative imprint in your mind and replace with positive emotions. This will shift you mind, body, and spirit in balance.

Only then, you will be ready to hear what is your life purpose here on Earth.

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