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I love working with children and supporting and educating parents how to take a control of their children’s health.

I always felt great being around children. In the past I was lucky to work as a secondary school teacher and teacher aid in a kindergarten. Children have amazing energy, inquisitive minds, and they are so honest and direct. But, if they are unwell you can’t see or feel that endless energy, happiness, and bright smile. It breaks my heart to see how many children suffering from chronic conditions from early years in their lives. In many cases those conditions are preventable and treatable with simple lifestyle and nutritional interventions.

I am committed to help as many children as possible to be happy, healthy, and nourished!

As a naturopath and nutritionist, I provide nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and can prescribe herbal medicine. I talk to kids and their parents about healthy sleep habits, importance of eating rainbow colors of veggies and fruit, playing outside in nature, and spending quality time with friends and family. I offer natural treatments for ear infections, coughs, colds and picky eating. I also help kids with chronic health conditions like, allergies, tummy and digestive issues, anxieties, ADHD, headaches, and autism. I offer a natural, unique approach to support the wellbeing of the child.

There are several reasons why I think you should have naturopath on board as part of your child’s health team.


A Naturopath has longer dedicated time for you and your child than your family doctor. My initial consultation for children is 1 hour, as I need to get as much information as possible about child’s health, family, emotional and social life. This gives me chance to make whole picture about the child in front of me and for the child and parents to ask questions and get answers from me. This also provides an opportunity to get to know both child and family, which gives the child time to feel comfortable, and get excited to be involved in the conversation.


I work with the family to find out WHY their child has health issues or certain symptoms, compared to immediately prescribing medication for the symptoms. If we are dealing with eczema, constipation, or anxieties I work to find out why is that happening. Is there a problem with child’s gut health? Does it have to do with food? Is there food sensitivities or environmental and toxin sensitivities? I love doing detective work and finding the pieces of puzzle supported with current research and info about the family.


I can offer natural treatment options that are alternatives for antibiotics or some medications in appropriate cases. There are many herbal antimicrobial options that could be used instead of antibiotics. In addition, nutritional supplements, restorative sleep and home comfort options can help in many cases. As you are probably aware, antibiotic resistance is current public health issue. But there are cases when medication and antibiotics are necessary and life savers. If any health issue is out of my scope, I would always refer you to your medical doctor for further investigations.


Naturopathic philosophies that I follow include disease prevention, and the body’s ability to heal itself, provided it has nourishing food, clean water and air, restorative sleep, minimal stress and sufficient amount of sunlight and exercise.

I work with families to prevent chronic diseases. My job is to educate and balance the child and their families’ health until optimal wellness. I focus on positive lifestyle changes for the child including enough sleep, regular exercise and time in nature, and nourishing diet. I cannot separate care for the child from the parents as they are one family unit. Family, social, emotional life and interactions are also important part to be optimized. Therefore, I do not only support the child’s health, but health of the whole family.

Those are just some of the reasons that I believe are important for families to choose naturopath as a part of their health care. Future posts will provide more insight on how to keep your family happy and healthy.

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