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If you are still not sure how naturopath can help you, I thought I share one aspect that has been mostly commented by my adult clients. It is about providing a safe space for You to think and go over your health and life timeline.

Providing the safe space during 90 minutes initial consultation definitely allow client to relax and think of possible reasons or events that could have led to certain symptoms and health issue that he would like to overcome. It provides me as a practitioner enough time to get enough information for making up the whole picture about client in front of me. Information that I am looking for include personal and family health history, current diet, lifestyle (exercise, time spent in nature, sleep, energy, mood), social life (family and friends’ interaction, work situation), spirituality. Collected information combined with most up to date scientific research are main puzzles pieces I need for detective work identifying underlying causes of YOUR health issues. After puzzle is resolved I combine all inf into a great Wellness Plan for YOU.

Many of my clients commented- “I don’t remember last time when I focused only on Me and what has been happening in My life! Thank You!” Why is that?

Magic happened when people are gifted safe space and enough time to relax, think and talk only about their life. They have been heard! That usually leads to willingness to engage in the process of overcoming the health issue and improving their overall well being.

This magic of being heard helps with development and nurturing so called client – practitioner therapeutic relationship. If this connection is not achieved it will result in client not being engaged in their own health improvement and eventually, they gave up.

In my opinion when client - practitioner therapeutic relationship is established, ‘half a job is done’. Client feels safe and relaxed to share info about their life, remembers forgotten triggers and in many cases come up with ‘A-Ha’ moments recalling event in the past that possibly caused their current issue. This is rewording for the client and for myself as the practitioner. The client feels proud finding possible underlying cause and answers by himself. I was there for the client holding the safe space and guiding by my questions.

From there, we usually go on and look into their goals and correcting areas of their life and body that needs balancing.

In 2019 I was asked to write an article for online magazine, Sibella Publications.

My immediate thought was that I am not a writer! I write a bit for my social media pages and blog, but haven’t written personal stories for long time. I remembered that I was quite a good poem writer in the primary school. I decided that it is great opportunity for me to get back to writing and share about my passion for holistic health and family wellness.

I submitted my first story about this topic - providing the safe space and magic of being heard and was very delighted to be accepted and invited to write every month for 2021.

I have attached original article here.

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