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Our pets are in tune with a nature!

They are in tune with their bodies!

They are in tune with their needs!


Stop and think about everything you do with your body in just one minute!?

You inhale, exhale, move your legs, arms, blink with your eyes, your heart beats, your gut digest food, your brain is communicating with other parts of your body…. Your body repeats that every minute, hour, day, year…

Every single moment your body is doing something, and every single action requires energy.

Our bodies are a series of interlocking networks of communication. Every organ, every cell, every molecule interacts with the cells, molecules around it in bigger and bigger circles until you have the entire body working as a whole for reaching a solution. Your cells operate on the energy that they create within themselves, but as you get stressed or encounter environments that are damaging to your body, your cells produce less and less ENERGY.


Our bodies are built and designed to regulate and heal itself. But if our body don’t have energy, it needs that will not happened.

Our modern world has increasingly become energy depleting!

Having daily stressors from the food, environment, vibrations, psychological stress your body is struggling to maintain required energy to heal and maintain vitality. Your cells lose the charge and can’t communicate well anymore among itself.

Disease starts when there are energetic imbalances and blocks in the energy flow within the body.

We need to know how to rebalance our energy, how to recharge our cells.

We need to find the source of our problem in order to RECOVER ENERGY and allow our body to heal itself and recover from chronic illness.

A lack of energy is the symptom, not the cause!


When you feel tired - have a rest!

When you feel emotional - cry, journal, or have a chat with a friend!

When you feel fatigue and low mood – go out in NATURE and recharge your batteries!

When you feel angry - exercise, breath, or meditate on a solution!

When you feel lonely - reach out for family, neighbour, friend, co-worker, social media friends, your pet!

When you feel bored and restless – plan your next project, trip, gathering with friends!

For the coming holiday season and afterwards following simple principles might get handy.


  1. Eat a nourishing diet

  2. Drink plenty of clean water

  3. Move your body regularly

  4. Spend time in nature everyday

  5. Have at least 7h restorative sleep every night

  6. Implement stress relieving techniques

  7. Spend time with the people you love

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