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Today you may feel in good mood because things are going well. Tomorrow, you may feel the opposite- stressed and anxious. Where did that good feeling go? New influences took over as situations changed. We are transient, energy and there is nothing solid or lasting anywhere that we can point to.

There are several aspects of our life that has to be balanced for managing anxieties and achieving calm and happiness.

Those include, nourishing diet, optimal gut health, regular exercise, restorative sleep, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, spending time in nature, and human connections!

Human connections are equally important if not most important!

We are social beings and we need that side of our existence to be satisfied in order to be happy and healthy. Anything from catching up with family or friends to hugs and play with kids, or beautiful date with your partner! We are expressing ourselves when interacting with other people. We are involved in discussions, exchange of knowledge and opinions, we learn and grow. We feel heard, appreciated, we bounce ideas and learn more about ourselves and others.

We have to understand how powerful is the talk we have with our family member or friend! And I am talking about deep emotional conversations not a chat about weather. You have to try, so you can understand how healing conversation is, exchange of ideas and options about anything that is going on in your life. You will benefit from deep meaningful conversation with family or friend when you have a problem, or decision to make, even if you feel uncomfortable to ask for their time.

There is also energy aspect and energy exchange during human interactions. Have you ever noticed that certain colours affect your mood, certain spaces feel better than other, that some music really makes you feel relaxed and other put you on the edge? Some people’s energy feels good to be around, other’s you can’t stand. Have you noticed when interacting with negative and overly pessimistic people afterword’s you feel down and fatigued? On the other hand, when you mingling with positive people you feel more energetic, happier, and motivated. Why is that?

As we are all energy, during our interactions with people or nature, we exchange energy, increase or decrease strength of our energy fields depending who we interact with.

At the level of quantum physics all solid matter, including our bodies is made up of different frequencies of energy,

slowed down enough that we appear solid.

Consequently, different lights, sounds, and other energies can all influence our body at a physiologic level. That is why different energy modalities are demonstrated as very effective for healing chronic conditions including mental health issues.

Next time you working on improving your diet, balancing your sleep and energy, planning your exercise and meditation schedule, please do not forget to schedule in some human and nature interactions.

All of those pieces of puzzle have to be in place for your health puzzle to be complete.

If you are not sure where to start, and prefer guidance and support just click below and book free 15 min chat with me.

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