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How You Can Crush Your Anxiety

I can’t emphasize enough how important for us mothers and us as a society to take the time to better understand the different root causes of mental issues including anxiety and depression!

It is vitally important that people become aware of how lifestyle, foods choices, environmental exposures, and what we think are actually make us sicker!

Some of major causes of anxiety and depression and other mental health disorders include :

Mental and Emotional stressors including physical and emotional traumas such as abuse, brain injury, life-threatening experiences, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), and life other stressors such as death, divorce, serious disease, accident, etc.

Emotional traumas and stress have a direct correlation on anxiety and depression and can often lead to disorders of the immune system and gastrointestinal system.

We think our stress comes from everything outside of us —the tasks, the situations, a particular person. But truth is that it is our perceptions and response to those things that make them stressful or not. And that’s the part we can change!

How we love and care for ourselves and how we love each other, not only impacts disease but also depression and anxiety, sleep issues and performance.

Self-care is extremely important!

Dietary food choices can cause inflammation, a weakened immune system, food sensitivities, allergies, microbiome imbalances, hormone imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies from lack of nutrients and/or inability to absorb nutrients.

Our dietary choices of processed and chemical laden foods is causing numerous chronic diseases. Our convenient diet contains many conventional foods that are genetically modified, highly processed, loaded with chemicals, and contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides, is poisoning us slowly!

Some simple diet tips that I always educate my clients about include:

Increasing fruit and veggies in your diet

  • Increasing fruit and veggies in your diet

  • Eating rainbow of colours of fresh plant produce

  • Eating balanced diet (like 80% good , 20% bad) most of the time,

  • Rotate foods around, do not eat all the time same all same all, as this can lead to food sensitivities

  • Include prebiotic foods every day

  • Include protein in each meal

Environmental stressors may include heavy metal toxicity, mould, parasites, bacterial or viral infections, and Lyme disease..

Other common environmental toxins that can affect brain function and even endocrine (hormone) function come in the form of common household cleaners, common personal hygiene products and make up, and contaminated tap water.

These can cause a weakened immune system, inflammation, and even nutrient deficiencies. In addition these are known endocrine disruptors – that means they alter your hormones leading to infertility issues, PCOS, and early menopause.

Gut Health. I am believer that everything starts in the gut. So, I do emphasize and start first investigating gut health for most of my clients.

Modern research has already provided us with proof that there is a Gut- Brain connection and that digestive and endocrine system are also connected and might have hear also that 80% of our immune system is in our GUT.

Most of our neurotransmitters, which are messengers between our brain and body organs are produced in our gut, so health of our gut will definitely influence our brain function and our mental health.

If our gut is compromised, microbiome is imbalanced – so we have more bad guys (bacteria) then good guys (bacteria), that is great environment for increased inflammation, which leads to our intestinal lining being compromised, which leads to intestinal permeability or leaky gut. When we have a leaky gut that means that all toxins, undigested food particles, and waste hormones going into our bloodstream which causing a big mess and activating your immune system, increasing inflammation, and causing chronic and autoimmune diseases.

This is because gut becomes inflamed causing compromised production of neurotransmitters and vitamins, reduced absorption of food so you not getting enough nutrients, and as I said our gut and brain are connected which means If gut is inflamed we will have also brain inflammation. And that is how mental health issues starts and develop as anxieties, depression, behavioural issues especially in children.

Have you experienced in the last 6 months any of the following symptoms?

1. Broken sleep

2. Low energy

3. Racing thoughts and images

4. Irritability

5. Digestive issues

6. Weight loss

7. Sweating, excessive sweating

8. Hands shaking

9. Masking how I feel not to alarm others

10. Nonverbal- unable to communicate

11. Nausea, vomiting, runs- diarrhoea

12. Feeling trapped

13. Racing mind

14. Feeling that people watching at me

15. Frustration

16. Overthinking

17. Migraines

18. Tightness in the chest

19. Chest pain

20. Tightness in the throat

21. Aches in the legs

22. Dizziness

23. Racing heart

24. Blurred vision

25. Brain fog

26. Acid reflux

27. Tension muscles in the neck

28. Pins and needles in my fingers, arm

29. Feeling like I can’t breath

30. Palpitations, feeling that heart will explode

31. Fainting

32. Wobbly legs

33. Cold sweat, feeling that will pass out

Those symptoms are just signals sent by body that something is out of balance.

It is not signal that you are losing your mind, or that you do not love your kids and family any more.

It is not signal that you lost your voice and that you lost your feelings.

It is the signal that you might suffer from chronic stress and anxiety and that it is time for you to take control back.

I might be able to help You take a first step!

I designed a Guide with simple 6 steps for management and reduction of anxiety, so people can start by themselves managing their anxieties. I am sure that you can benefit from proven solutions for anxiety management that I tested myself.

My Anxiety Guide is quick to read and uses proven activities to decrease anxiety.

If you have a friend or family member experiencing low levels of anxiety please do share my guide so they can benefit from my 6 simple steps.

It is time to take an action and make a CHANGE!

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