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How long did you wait before you asked for support with your ANXIETY?

Probably too long like many of us suffering from anxiety and depression.

At the start you noticed you are LOW ON ENERGY and can’t finish all your housework like you usually do by the time your husband comes back from work…You blamed lack of energy on going late to bed, or your youngest child woke you up screaming with night terrors at 3am… You had to go and comfort him but that was the end of you sleep for that night…

Another time you blamed staying up late and watching Netflix with your husband for feeling exhausted in the afternoon...Last time that was your middle child who came in to your bed at 1am and slept between you and your hubby kicking you all night with her little legs. You finally gave up and got up at 5:30 am…

Then you noticed that you are more stressed because you are LACKING ON TIME to finish what you planned for that day...Now you blamed on being tired so probably getting slower...

Or, you were telling yourself – ‘I’m getting older that what it is!

Next you noticed that you snapping at your children and husband on regular basis… And, that is not usual for you!

What is going on? But then you just dismissed it and persuaded yourself that you must be just tired because of that new part time job you decided to take on…

You were successfully dismissing every new sign that was trying to tell you that something is not right, but your STRESS has been building up!

New sign was you are becoming teary: your husband just told you that he is needing clean shirt for tomorrow and you burst into the tears!!

Mmm at this point you have started thinking what could be wrong with me? But then, you persuaded yourself that you can handled that like always.

Signs kept building up...

You were busy with housework..

You were busy with your new part time job..

You were dismissing and successfully covering your signs…


Saturday morning was your eldest son soccer game - important match- he is excited… But you cannot make yourself to get out of the bed and get ready your family… Kids are calling, asking for breakfast, what to wear …

But you are paralyzed… can’t get up…. You do not have a DESIRE to get out of your bed! Opposite, you are pulling your covers over your head to make the noise in your head go away….

One voice is shouting – ‘Get Up NOW’

Another is saying-

‘Just stay comfortable in your bed and everyone will eventually forget about you’

What is going on?? Am I sick?

Am I just tired? Lost motivation?

But, you LOVE your children! And you can’t miss your son’s soccer match!!

You are CONFUSED! You are ANGRY at yourself! You are TERRIFIED of this confusion, your LACK OF MOTIVATION, and what will happened with you! What will happened to your children without you taking care of them??

Those are all common feelings that you can experience due to anxiety…

Have you been there? In the similar story?

And later regretted that you did not ask for help and support earlier?

Do not wait any longer!

Start managing your anxiety! It is possible!

Start with Free Anxiety Guide.

If you are not sure where to start, and prefer guidance and support just click here and book free 15 min chat with me.

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