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Do You Love Yourself?

We humans, we are very strange beings… We are constantly on lookout for approval and love from others, because that make us feel safe, comforted, and protected.

We are always on lookout for love externally! For many of us including myself it takes long time to realise, if you want to find the love in your life, first of all you have to love yourself! If you do not love yourself, you will not be able to feel the love for others or receive and feel the love from anybody. I am talking about any love! Love to your family, your kids, your parents, or your partner.

If you do not respect and love yourself enough, then you will always attract negative feelings like anger, anxiety, worry, insecurity. Those feelings are taking lots of energy from you and as a result you will feel tired, your body will show up with pain and illness, and you will be generally unhappy. If you are experiencing that kind of feelings every day energy that you emit around you will be negative. This will result in you attracting negative people, people surrounded with a similar energy fields like yours, who are also experience those exhausting negative feelings.

Remember, we are body, spirit and mind. We are all connected and interconnected as energy in this World. So even if you do not speak out what you think, what you feel will be emitted in the universe.

Constant subconscious negative self-chatter about yourself does not help. You think and feel that you can’t find a love in your life. Perhaps, you think and feel that all people around you are against you. You think and feel that you are not good enough. Feeling not good enough leads to low self-esteem and inability to initiate anything that you would love to change in your life.

Low self-esteem allows you to only dream and desire, but prevents you from acting on your dreams. I know, this looks like running in the circle without possibility to escape.

But there is always way out!

You need to open your heart.

You need to fall in love with yourself again, and fall in love with your future.

You need to visuals the things you would love to do and people you would love to be surrounded with.

You need to stop focusing on what you lack, do not like, can not do, or you think can not achieve.

When you free your mind from those thoughts your body will stop releasing hormones that causing your worry, doubts, anxieties.

You will free the space in your mind for positive thoughts, love for your self and as a result you will become somebody emitting positive, happy energy into the universe.

Only then, you will start doing instead of just dreaming.

Only then, you will be able to attract love in your life!

My Self Care Reminder will guide you to re-discover your lost love for yourself.


We are deep into Winter here at Southern Hemisphere when weather starts to change - cold mornings and evenings and usually warm days. Rain is on and off and changing places with sunshine several time per day or week. Perfect environment for developing colds and flu.

I have a perfect tea for you that fights and ease the colds. This is my favorite tea that me and my family start and finish a day with.

Thanks to Dr Libby I was introduced to this tea many years ago.


You will need:

1. Two 10 cm long ginger roots

2. Two 5 cm long turmeric root

3. Water

Peel, cut or grate the roots and place in the small pot, fill with water and cover with lid. Bring to boil and boil for 5-10min on the low heat covered. Enjoy with lemon, or add Manuka honey if you wish.

Ginger is wonder herb - has antioxidant, anti inflammatory, & gut healing properties. Aids digestion, reduces nausea, wind, bloating and cramps.

Turmeric has antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, & properties. It acts as digestive stimulant.

Most of my family, friends and clients enjoy this tea too.

First thing in the morning we enjoy a lemon squeezed into cup of this tasty tea.. Any other time I add less lemon. Having this tea after dinner helps with digestion.

If you are suffering from cold or flu just add 1/4 tsp of pepper or cayenne pepper and drink 2-3 times per day.

Peel, cut or grate the roots and place in the small pot, fill with water and cover with lid. Bring to boil and boil for 5-10 min on the low heat covered.

MMMMM Nothing better than healing, warm cup of tea for your winter self-care breaks.

Take Care

Marijana xxx

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