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Reduce Anxiety Naturally

We all experience anxiety. It’s your body’s natural response to a threat. But chronic anxiety is debilitating and is signaling that something in your life needs attention. Still, many people have no idea that there are options other than pharmaceutical drugs or therapy to address anxiety. Many of you believe that your anxiety is not possible to treat with nutrition and surprised to learn that poor gut health and your food choices could be a root cause.

There are many biochemical reactions that can go wrong in your body leading to development of anxiety and depression. So, anxiety is not all in your head!

Anxiety can be related to your daily life experiences, but it can also be triggered by the foods you eat, environmental toxins, many types of medications, chronic stress, and/or chronic infections like mould or candida, gut health.

Symptoms like racing mind, heart palpitations, brain fog, low energy, irritability, broken sleep, IBS, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders are just signals sent by the body that something is out of balance.

Discover a root cause of anxiety by balancing your body, mind, and spirit.

Managing anxiety starts with understanding the root causes and why your body is out of balance. But there are also certain components our body needs to be able to start the healing process, including:

  • Nourishing food,

  • Happy thoughts for the mind, and

  • Purpose for the soul.

Anxiety is treatable, especially with early intervention.

Simply, by removing interferences and giving required components, your body would be able to heal itself by rebalancing brain chemistry and as a result, reduce anxiety.


Lifestyle factors like getting enough good quality sleep, having regular exercise, keeping social connections and interactions, stress reduction and self-care are essential for reduction of anxiety and good mental health.

Prioritize Restorative Sleep

A good night of at least 8 hour of sleep gives your body a chance to recharge and heal. Getting a quality, restful night of sleep can contribute to a healthy gut. To facilitate healthy sleep, consider the following:

  • Shut off electronics 2 hours prior to bedtime

  • Read a book before sleep

  • Have a ritual before bed (Epsom salt bath, calming chamomile or lemon balm tea)

  • Make sure your room is dark and cool

  • Avoid caffeine after 2 pm

Remove and Replace Household Toxins

Most of the household cleaners we use are toxic and cause hormone disruption, affecting your body’s chemistry. Same goes for personal care products. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and readily absorbs just about everything it comes in contact with.

Today, there are plenty of options for natural, non-toxic household cleaning products and personal care products. Research and find which one suits you the best or ask your Naturopath for guidance.

Improve Your Diet & Eat Nourishing Foods

Food plays a critical role in mood, anxiety, and every other aspect of mental health. You don't always connect that your headache, depression, anxiety or brain fog is coming from the foods you eat. When you get into habits of eating on the run, eating processed foods, you may not notice a direct correlation between the meal and the brain symptom.

Refined sugars and processed foods can cause: inflammation, food sensitivities, allergies, microbiome imbalances, hormone imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies. Avoid eating processed foods including deep-fried foods, soda and other drinks filled with refined sugars and/or artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates like white flour, white bread, pastries, and pastas.

One study demonstrated that adults who consume processed foods containing minimal whole foods are more likely to experience anxiety and depression.

Anxiety can be managed and eliminated when YOU take charge of what you eat!

Eat rainbow color , organic, locally-grown vegetables, fruit and organic grown meat to avoid added toxins, chemicals and antibiotics. Eating plenty of fresh produce, probiotic foods, staying hydrated with water, and reducing intake of heavily processed foods helps with anxiety management and reduction.

Move more and get plenty of fresh air and sun exposure

Regular physical exercise changes how you feel inside, so definitely schedule some time to move your body. It could be anything from playing with the kids in the park, walking in nature, running or a gym session. Anything that increases your heart rate and you enjoy doing it!

Practice self-care, meditation, gratitude, and mindfulness

Self-care is key to managing anxiety. There are many available options on line for meditation and mindfulness practices that you can find and start following. Otherwise, your Naturopath can help you.

  • Address your perceptions of pressure and urgency, because the thoughts we think are very powerful and have such an impact on our nervous system.

  • Maintain social and family connections and interactions.

  • Ask for help if you need from your family or friends. Do not assume people know what you need.

  • Do not feel guilty for taking time for yourself - it is important for you and people closest to you.

  • Do not undervalue yourself. Focus on progress, not on the gap

Maintain your gut health

With modern research, we are gaining a deeper understanding of how digestion and the gut microbiome affects the brain, and common symptoms of mood disorder, and poor concentration.

The gut and the brain are connected through a bidirectional communication pathway called the gut-brain axis. When our microbiome gets out of balance it can trigger the immune system to react and create inflammation. Inflammation in the gut can cause inflammation in the brain, which has been linked with low mood and poor mental wellbeing.

You will need the support of your naturopath in case of more complicated issues with your gut. Let a balanced, healthy gut microbiome work for you and maintain overall health throughout your body!

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