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Our thoughts are formed as a result of our own perceptions about other people, events, places and conditioning from the family and society over lifetime. Our thoughts are transported from the brain via chemical messengers to our organs and cells giving our physical body instructions to respond.

If we look at example of Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis - the stress response. When we feel stressed, stress hormones are released from the brain to the adrenal glands notifying them to go into the fight, flight, freeze, or halt response. Likewise, when we feel unsafe the same combination of hormones will respond in the similar way.

If we don’t feel good enough, beautiful enough, brave enough or worthy enough- we will trigger same stress response. Where those negative feelings about ourselves coming from? ?Our thought is sending emotional messages resulted from lifelong mental, emotional, spiritual or DNA generational conditioning that blocks the energy field, causing build-up of the mucus and inflammation in the energy and physical body.

So, think twice if you still tend to:

1. Blame others

2. Don’t love yourself

3. Compere yourself to others

4. Always look for faults in others

5. Avoid trying new things

Those behavior's build negative perception and conditioning that produce negative emotions, unhappiness which leads to blockages and destruction of your energy and physical body.

When You are unsure about something, like your feelings, aches and pains, decisions to make, anything…

The best person to ask is YOU!

You have everything within yourself!

You do not need the answers from outside!

Other people, media, social media …

You have magic power!

You can ask the question…then listen for the answer.

Your intuition is sharp and best source of answers.

If you want to make sure that you can go within yourself –quiet yourself the way the best suit you:

  • Practice gratitude

  • Turn off your devices for 1h/ day/ or week

  • Walk or sit in the nature: by the water in the bush, in the park...

  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing

  • Have an Epsom salt bath

  • Meditate -silent, laughing, walking or guided mediation...

  • Spend time with your pets

Doesn’t need to be anything complicated...

To feel your best and in touch with yourself try to introduce few simple changes into your life every day, or every week:

  • 5 min of gratitude

  • 1 extra portion of veggies per day

  • Go to sleep ½ earlier

  • 15 min of walk in the nature

  • Express your love and gratitude to 1 friend/ family member

And you can add to the list. But nothing too complicated or overwhelming, otherwise you want make those Changes.

Changes in your life and routine that you are implementing, will make you feel better about yourself, boost your confidence, and in turn will help to increase your energetic frequency and sharpen your intuition.

Fixing just physical, emotional or mental body will not resolve all health issues that you might have been experiencing in life. That is because, we are not only made up of the physical body. We are Energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing.

We are Body, Mind, and Spirit as One. Like we experience pain, blockages and inflammation in physical body, equally blockages and mucus are built over time in our Energy Field - AURA and our Chakras. As I already mentioned, energy blocks were formed due to emotional and spiritual conditioning during our life or transferred via generational DNA. To heal emotional and physical body we have to unblock and heal our energy body too. Thus, to resolve health issues showing up on the physical and emotional level, we need to also clear and heal your Energy Field.

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